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Ukrainian rider wins Ladies Tour of Estonia, Kristel Sandra Soonik finished third

Ladies Tour of Estonia (111.7 km) was won by Urkainian rider Olga Shekel, who did a strong solo ride. Austrian Kathrin Schweinberger sprinted to second place, and Estonian Kristel Sandra Soonik took third place.

Ladies Tour of Estonia 2023. Autor: Adam Illingworth

Today's Ladies Tour of Estonia was affected by a strong wind, which made the race difficult and exciting. The main group stayed together until the gravel section. 40 km before the finish, 6 riders got an advantage, including today's winner Shekel.
The Ukrainian, who was very active throughout the race, made a solo attack about 25 km before the finish. Although the other riders were getting very close to, Shekel was able to maintain her lead and she managed to take the victory with a time of 2 hours and 44 minutes. The chasing group lost to the winner 46 seconds.


"I'm glad to be back in Tartu. I competed here 8 years ago at the U23 European Championships and got a silver medal in the time trial. I am happy that I ride here again with my team and thank you for a very good race", said Olga Shekel.
Kathrin Schweinberger, who also participated in the European Championship in Estonia in 2015, repeated Shekel's words and confirmed that she is happy to be back in Estonia. "I know it's a beautiful region and there are good roads here. We had a great time riding with the team and we are happy with the podium. I would definitely come back here next year if it’s possible," said Schweinberger.


Kristel Sandra Soonik, who took second place last year, sprinted to third place. "This was the minimum that National Team Estonia came by. This year's race was definitely more exciting and difficult than last year's, because there were several crosswind sections and there were many attacks in the group," Soonik shared his post-race emotions. After the gravel sector, Soonik had a scary moment when her bike's derailleur stopped working. The problem was solved, but the rider had to work hard to get back to the main group. "I thought that my race was over. I didn't have a spare bike and I couldn't have imagined that I would have had to ride someone else's bike," said Soonik.


The best young rider was Kristel Sandra Soonik.

You can see today's results HERE.

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